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Image of Security ServicesISETO receives personal customer information from its outsourcing clients, and then performs a range of mailing services for this information, including the printing and dispatching of all types of bills, transaction statements, direct mailings, etc. Information security management is indispensable to the handling of large volumes of valuable personal information, and ISETO has been working for the past several years to construct strong information security management systems. Our efforts have resulted in ISETO obtaining certification for Privacy Mark use. The ISETO Information Processing Center has also undergone an external information security audit based on US auditing standards SAS70, for which it received a compliance report.Besides, the center has been certified for Security Management Standard, ISO (JISQ) 27001.

Utilizing the know-how that has led to ISETO's acquisition of these types of official certification and to the corporate establishment of internal controls, ISETO is able to provide comprehensive solution proposals for strengthening a corporate internal information security systems.


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