Equipment Marketing

ISETO takes advantage of its vast knowledge and experience in business forms to offer inkjet printers and various types of form processing equipment.

Kodak V Series

High-Speed Duplex Full-Color Inkjet Printer

This printer integrates the Kodak printing heads into ISETO's original paper transport system to create the first "one-to-one" system for high-volume output operations.

Color Printing

CMYK Digital Color
High resolution (300 x 600 dpi)
Capable of simultaneous duplex printing


High-speed printing at 150 meter per minute and higher.


ISETO SuperJet 4000 Series

Ultra-High-Speed Duplex Color Inkjet Printer

Combining ISETO SuperJet ultra-high-speed printing with roll-feed paper makes it possible to achieve stable, continuous printing and postcard processing. The 4000 Series is ideally suited for jobs requiring high-volume processing.

Color Printing

The 4000 Series can perform simultaneous duplex printing, and can print in three colors - black, red and blue.

Ultra-High-Speed Printing

High-speed printing at 300 meters per second.

High-Quality Printing

Printing quality is checked by an original verification system developed by ISETO in which sensors in the printer work in conjunction with print-quality sensors.

Printing verification functions, synchronized verification functions and still-image testing ensure excellent printing quality.


New Model ISETO-3600

Multi-Function On-Line Ultra-High-Speed Mailing System (Inserting and Sealing Machine)

The ISETO-3600 Mailing System is the ultra-high-speed version of the ISETO-3500. The ISETO-3600 provides all of the verification functions of the ISETO-3500 together with even more stable paper transportation and enclosed attachment insertion processing to realize ultra-high-speed operation.

High Processing Speed On-Line System at 15,000 Mails per Hour

By utilizing a system that envelops data forms in a special envelope form, ISETO has been able to greatly reduce paper jam problems.

Random Collating of Inserts

The ISETO-3600 reads bar marks to perform safe, reliable collating of inserts.

Insertion of Enclosure Attachments

In addition to inserts, the ISETO-3600 can also insert pamphlets, postcards, etc., for up to a maximum of six enclosures.

Number Verification System

The ISETO-3600 uses a CCD camera to verify postal code numbers, preventing insertion errors that are difficult for the human eye to catch, and thus providing safer, more reliable mail processing.



(The photograph shows a roll cut sheet and hand wrap equipment configuration.)

Increased Productivity through the Use of Roll Paper

Labor Saving - Paper Needs to Be Loaded Less Frequently

Compatible with Duplex NIP for Continuous-Feed and Cut-Sheet Forms

Increased Efficiency through Job Separation

* The POPP System is a product of HUNKELER AG of Switzerland.
* ISETO is the agent for HUNKELER AG in Japan.


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