Business Forms

Utilizing its extensive technologies and experience that have been fostered through many years of working as a pioneer in the business forms industry, ISETO is able to offer products optimized to our customers' needs.

Standard-Design Forms

All of the forms produced by ISETO are order made; each is original and uniquely designed. We base each form on the application objectives and special requests of the customer in order to provide optimally designed, easy-to-use business form.

Let ISETO's exceptional knowledge and experience as a pioneer in the field of business forms help you meet your business form needs.

Window Mailer

ISETO Window Mailer is originally designed envelope form. These continuous-feed envelopes have a clear address window and are wrapped around data inserts, advertising enclosures, etc., eliminating the problem of paper jams that can occur with conventional envelope inserters. These mailing tools are ideally suited for large-volume work and can maximize the efficiency of a corporate mail-based notification and contact operations.

Window Mailer Variations

One-Touch Mail

One-Touch Mail is a confidential postcard form in which data is printed on a continuous-feed single-ply form that is finished into a folded and sealed postcard.
ISETO offers an abundant range of One-Touch Mail products with specifications suitable for all types of applications, including notice issuing work and direct marketing campaigns.

One-Touch Mail Variations

6-Page Postcard,6-Page Postcard,Return Postcard,3-fold Postcard,2-fold Postcard,L-fold Postcard

Pointack Forms

Pointack Forms are composite forms in which a portion of the continuous-feed form serves as a label, card, etc. Pointack Forms can be used for address labels, bar-code labels, etc.

Top-on Forms

Top-on Forms are composite forms in which a label, card, etc., is attached to a continuous-feed form. These forms can be used to send out all types of cards, such as membership cards.

Blind Labels

With a blind label form, a label is attached to a postcard to conceal printed data on the card, making it possible to use conventional postcards to provide the same level of confidentiality as sealed letters.

Blind Labels Variations

Full sze,Half size (Landscape),Half size (Portrait)

Magnetic Tickets

ISETO has been approved by the IATA (International Air Transportation Association) as an international supplier of airplane tickets.

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