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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

ISETO Corporation (hereinafter referred to as The "Company") fully recognizes the societal demands concerning the protection of personal information, and believes it has a mission and a responsibility to society as a member of information processing service provider to promote the proper handling of personal information. The Comapany will strive to protect personal information based on the policy outline below.

  • 1.Collection and use of Personal Information

    In consideration of the fact that it is entrusted with the customer's information in its business activities, the Company shall conduct appropriate handling in the collection, utilization, and provision of personal information. The Company shall clearly indicate in advance the purpose for which the personal information is intended to be used for achievement of the stated objectives in its business activities, and it shall not use the information for other than the scope of the stated purpose of use without the prior consent of the customer.

  • 2.Compliance with laws and codes

    The Company, in its handling of personal information, shall comply with laws and codes applicable to the protection of personal information.

  • 3.Managing the Personal Information

    In order to prevent the loss, corruption, alteration, or leaking of personal infromation, the Company shall implement measures to protect information from unauthorized external access.

  • 4.Concerning submission of requests or complaints

    If a customer has a request concerning the disclosure, addition, deletion, suspension of use and provision of personal information provided to the Company, it shall respond to the request without delay.

  • 5.Formulation and continuous improvement of Personal Information management rules

    The Company shall implement regularly the necessary training and education to executives and all other employees as to the protection of personal information, and continuously review and improve compliance program due to establishment of Information Security Committee according to the changing corporate environment, audit result, and opinions from customers and employees, and lows and codes.

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