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Today, ISETO is working on various measures and policies, such as information security, as a leading industry in the area of information processing services. In the area of quality assurance, the Shiga Plant obtained certification for ISO 9001 in 1991, and ISETO is working in many ways to promote quality control activities. From the standpoint of global environmental protection, ISETO has enacted a series of environment policies, and is developing business activities that are friendly to the environment. In the area of information security, where utmost emphasis is being placed on the protection of personal information, ISETO was certified in 2002 for the use of the "Privacy Mark", and in 2004, the ISETO Information Processing Center became the first corporation in the industry to receive an SAS (Statement on Auditing Standards) No. 70, Type 1 Report. The ISETO Information Processing Center also obtained simultaneous certification for "ISMS (Information Security Management System) Conformity Assessment System" and "BS7799" in March 2005. ISETO has consolidated its management systems based on the Privacy Mark system and SAS70 auditing standards, and has introduced security management systems for its information assets. Through this, ISETO aims to create even stronger and more secure information security systems.

Picture of Information Processing Center

Picture of Information Processing Center

World History The History of ISETO
ISETO headquarters relocated to Karasuma-Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. ISETO obtains Privacy Mark certification on October 23. 
The ISETO Kansai Information Processing Center opens in Osaka Prefecture as a core base for information processing services in western Japan. 
World Cup Soccer Co-hosted by Korea and Japan 
The ISETO Information Processing Center becomes the first corporation in the printing industry to receive an external auditing report from SAS (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Statement on Auditing Standard No. 70)

The Shiga Plant obtains certification for environment management system KES Environmental Management System Standards, Step 2. 
Holding of the Expo 2005 in Aichi International World Exposition 
150th anniversary of the founding of ISETO.

ISETO Information Processing Center simultaneously obtains certification for ISMS Conformity Assessment and BS7799 on March 15. 

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