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Entering Information Processing Services

With a rapid changes taking place in the field of office automation equipment, there is a growing demand for products of even higher quality.

Therefore, in order to provide its customers with not only business form manufacturing services, but also with a comprehensive scope of related business services, ISETO started to develop form processing equipment. ISETO began developing and marketing the Window Mailer mailing system in 1979, and in 1988, developed the ISETO-3100 high-speed, multi-function mailing system.

It was the ISETO SuperJet ultra-high-speed duplex inkjet printer, developed in 1996, that became the primary force propelling ISETO into the outsourcing business. Through the development of these types of equipment, ISETO began offering a full range of services, from business form manufacturing to data processing, digital printing, and even envelope insertion and sealing.

In July 1997, our corporation changed its name from ISETO SHIKO Co., Ltd. to the name used today, ISETO Corporation. This change is symbolic of our transition from a corporation focusing on business form manufacturing (paper processing), to a corporation with an emphasis on information processing outsourcing.

In 1998, ISETO opened the ISETO Information Processing Center in Kanagawa Prefecture as a plant specializing in information processing. ISETO also opened the ISETO Kansai Information Processing Center in Osaka Prefecture in October 2001, and through these two centers, ISETO is playing a very useful role in meeting the needs of customers who require high-volume information processing.

Picture of SuperJet

Picture of SuperJet

World History The History of ISETO
Holding of the World Expo Osaka in Japan 
ISETO SHIKO, Ltd. and ISETO Industries, Co., Ltd. merge, forming ISETO SHIKO Co., Ltd.

ISETO develops and markets the Window Mailer System as a mailing system compatible with NIP(Non-impact Printer).
ISETO develops the ISETO-3100 high-speed, multi-function mailing system. 
Tiananmen Square Incident 
ISETO opens the Shiga Plant in Shiga Prefecture 
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Japan 
ISETO develops the ISETO SuperJet ultra-high-speed duplex inkjet printer.

NTT adopts a telephone bill issuing system developed by ISETO.
The corporate name is changed from ISETO SHIKO Co., Ltd. to ISETO Corporation. The current corporate president, Tatsuo Kotani, assumes office. 
Holding of the Nagano Olympics 
ISETO opens the ISETO Information Processing Center as a core base for information processing services in Kanagawa Prefecture. 
The Shiga Plant obtains ISO 9002 certification. 

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