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The Age of Business Forms

After the Second World War, ISETO reached a new turning point for the corporation.

Recognized for its application of print processing technologies to continuous-feed roll paper, ISETO began developing business forms and forms for use with computers.

ISETO developed its own business form printing press, and successfully began manufacturing Japan's first domestically-produced business forms. Later, ISETO introduced the German press, Giebeler, and began full-scale production of business forms. In 1962, ISETO became the only Japanese member of European Business Forms Manufacturers Association (eforma), an international group of highly specialized producers and service providers for business communication documents. The Japan Business Forms Association was formed in 1965, and Corporate President Ryuichi Kotani (today, Ryuichi Kotani is serving as ISETO Chairman of the Board) acted as the first chairman of this association. In many ways, ISETO has been an active pioneer in the development of the business forms industry, both in Japan and abroad.

Picture of the German press, Giebeler

Picture of the German press, Giebeler

World History The History of ISETO
Start of television broadcasting in Japan. 
ISETO develops its original business form printing press, and successfully manufactures Japan's first domestically-produced business forms. 
ISETO introduces the Giebeler printing press, and begins full-scale business form production. 
ISETO joins eforma, a form printing group, and begins exchanging information internationally. 
Holding of the Tokyo Olympics 
Inauguration of the Japan Forms Association, President Ryuichi Kotani (today, Chairman of the Board), serves as first chairman of the association. 
Opening of the Atsugi Factory in Kanagawa Prefecture; the factory begins business form production. 
ISETO joins IBFI (International Business Forms Industries). 

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