ISETO Activities

Overseas Partners

CPX Group

CPX Group (Color Process eXperience eXchange) is a consortium of 10 pioneer companies with representation from 10 countries, who are leaders in high speed digital inkjet and multi-channel print communications. The CPX Group was established in 2005 and ISETO is a founding member.


eFORMA (European Business Forms Manufacturers Association)

As a member of the eFORMA international trade association, ISETO continuously works to provide its customers with the latest and most advanced technologies.

eFORMA was founded in 1961 by 12 major European business form manufacturers, and in 1962, eFORMA was registered in Zurich, Switzerland, as a cooperative association.

Only one company from each country is allowed to become a member of eFORMA. eFORMA has grown into an international organization that now has influential partners from 27 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. ISETO became a member of eFORMA in 1962, serving as a representative for the industries of Japan.

As a group of experts specializing in business information management and document printing, eFORMA members provide their clients with new solutions for improving information-technology operation efficiency. The importance of eFORMA is recognized by the industrial through the world.

ISETO orchestrates the collective force of its partners around the world and of the eFORMA group as a whole in order to establish systems for efficiently realizing new technologies and product development, and for quickly providing our customers with innovative products and services.

DMIA (Document Management Industries Association)

ISETO has become a member of DMIA of the United States.

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